Mr Great (Isaac Moyo) – Biography


Born, Isaac Moyo, 5th, September,
Started School Grade 1 in 2004 at Pharaza Primary School in Eastern Province, Went to Lumezi Day, did Grade 8-12 at Lumezi Day from 2011-2015.

In 2015, Isaac Moyo completed his Grade 12 at Lumezi Day secondary school.

18 May, 2016, Isaac Moyo got his first Job at Shamar Complex, worked as Pharmacy attendant and a Computer Lessons Teacher.

He worked at Shamar Complex from 2016 – 2019, August, whilst working in Shamar, Isaac Moyo was able to do his business from home when knocked off from work and sometimes during off days.

Having experience in Computer science, Isaac Moyo came up with an idea of website designing, in 2018, he managed to design his first website, and ranked it high for Google Search, Zikozed was reached out by s good number of visitors online which lead him to have a good number of clients who also needed to have Websites.

In the same year, Isaac managed to design a good number of websites, among the websites where, Zanyimbo, Zedbeatsblog, yapazambiamusic, westsideblog, and also for schools like, munalihillscollege, m3scientific, the list is endless.
All these year, Isaac Moyo was operating from Eastern Province, Lundazi District.

In August, 2019, Isaac Moyo moved to Lusaka and he is currently operating from Lusaka, he is an experienced man in the IT technology with more that 100 Happy Clients.


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