Top 10 Richest Female Musicians In Zambia


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Richest female musicians in Zambia, have been among the most searched celebrities, especially on google search engine. People want to know who’s the most beautiful, on these Zambian female musicians. Due to this female celebrities in this country have enormously become many compared to back in days.

These aren’t just rich but also popular female singers from Zambia you must know, whether you’re in South Africa, UK, America, Ghana or Nigeria. Africa has its own rich artists, compared to rich Zambian artists. but I believe You might have heard of some of these Zambian musicians. Competing for a musical spot in Africa, despite having its own detailed complete list..

Just like everywhere, people ask for who is the Richest female musician in Zambia. Hence this article only covers richest female artists from Zambia, according to trusted online sources, BBC, and Forbes. Here are the richest Zambian female musicians.

Top 10 Richest female musicians in Zambia

The net worth for these musicians remains unverified. But most trusted online financial based websites, have tabulated the list showing richest female musicians in Zambia as follows: These are the names of richest female musicians in Zambia.

10. Kantu

female musicians

kantu Siachingili is one of the most respected female musician in Zambia, this had been due to the way she carries her self. Born from a poor family, once joined popular musical group XYZ entertainments. Popular songs include Mungeli, which became a national treasure and hit. Kantu continued with her music and pushed to further education at UNZA studying Environmental and Natural Resources Management despite been a very popular former songstress.

9. Dambisa

Zambian musician Dambisa

Dambisa is a self proclaimed queen of Dancehall. Born in the year 1989 and once managed some some top artists in East Africa. Dambisa who’s real names are Michelle D Lunda is still rated and known to be among talented musicians, that stormed our music industry. Kaduka chain, became the number hit jam, that dominate the charts, became on Richest female musicians after featuring respected musician Petersen.

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After this Dambisa gained recognition in East, West and Southern Africa to performing on foreign shows and awards in Namibia. Her previous single African Baby was released in 2018.People loved it as she embraced the African culture and skin color for people. Attempted to study bachelors degree in electrical engineering, but dropped out t focus on music and social lifestyle.

8. Shantel


Dual comprised of female musicians Saboi Imboela and her close friend Barbra. Saboi Imboela who has later became political activist, working with politicians to help the vulnerable and less privileged. She holds a bachelors degree from the University of Zambia.Musical singing group, dominated dual presence in the late 2000 to somewhere 2006. Zambia’s enjoyed there music and ranked on charts due to been the first female dual the country ever had at that time. Even in 2020, they’re number eight richest female musicians.

7. Nalu

Nalu Poses After Loosing Weight

Female singing artist and vocalist Nalu, wife to fellow musician Israel from Zambia. Nalu’s real name is Nalwamba Sinah Namukoko. Working in hand with the beloved husband, releasing hits such as House Money Car. Contemporary she is among Zambia’s top prominent award winning and recognizable female figures from Zambia.

6. Angela Nyirenda

Angela Nyirenda After Son Dies

Agela Nyirenda was born in Chipata, few kilometers from Lusaka the capital of Zambia. Began her musical journey as break dancer, and through winning and contesting in award dance shows. Once popularly known for making traditional related sounds. Led the music scene between 2005 to 2008 when her hits trended on radio and television. Joined a group and worked with Sakala brothers through live stage performances.

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Angela Nyirenda is the sixth richest female artist, to have shared and graced same audience with south African legends, including Lucky Dube. Others that she sang alongside during international tours, in USA and UK, Poland include Tshala Muana, and madam Miriam Makeba.

5. Franciar

Zambian female musicians

Francisca Magaret Msisha is a Zambian female musician, famously known as Franciar, a talented Pop and R&B sensational artist. Rose to prominence in 2010 after making her first debut on one of the most popular songs titled, “Umutokofyompo”. She was born on 11 January 1992 in central province Kabwe.

Became the first Blazer Studios signed female artist. Takes pride in attending church programs and choir, years after been a secular musician. Franciar converted to be a gospel artist and continues to preach by transitioning to doing songs of love peace and about God. Franciar has an estimated net worth of K800,000 kwacha.

4. Cleo Ice Queen

Clementina Mulenga is a female Rapper from Zambia popularly called Cleo Ice Queen. Today this artist, has more endorsement deals than any other among richest female Musicians. She was born 14 June 1989 and is a mother of two, former big brother participant and TV personality/presenter.

Respected born hip hop recording musician and award nominee, AFRIMMA Zambian female musicians for Southern Africa winner in the year 2015, and in 2017 came through to bag an award for best female in Zambia, during the prestige Sun Fm Kwacha Music Awards.

Cleo Ice Queen came on music scene in 2011, which led to the sensational release of a single titled “Big Dreams”. Featured and worked with international act Jah Prayzah and made debut on Khuli Chana’s hit song “Tswa Daar”, together with Nigeria’s Ice Prince, Rapper Maggz, talent artist Navio, and south Africa’s heavyweight AKA.

3. Salma Dodia

She’s Singer and songwriter with over 30 powerful hits to her name and studio albums. She carries a diverse deep style making her to be some of the most recognizable Artists with real passion from music and art.

Aside from music Salma, plays major a role in hosting shows, humanitarian aid, fashion and former model. JK’s Kapiripiri was a curtain raiser which ensured her entry to the music scene. Years later in the year 2012 she dropped Sweet Darling, till date its among the most popular songs mostly downloaded and played in Zambia.

Signed and working with music label called So Good entertainment. She has been for years, nominated on African music awards and won best Zambian female musicians video of the year. Makes it to richest female musicians list, because Salma Diodia has a net worth of 1 million Kwacha. This was recorded and published in a popular South African magazine, which showed her house and Dubai summer holiday with the husband.

2. Kay Figo

Cynthia Kayula Bwalya better know by her stage name Kay Figo, was born 1985 on the 23 July. Cynthia has been among the most prominent female stars in Zambia. Rose to prove her self worthy of the throne when she unveiled Kanyelele. A song which guarded her a spot for an award on one of Zambia’s music award show, held promisingly every year.

Kay Figo confined been on the spotlight and was not taking it lightly. In the year 2018, she posted a nude photo which made people on social to actively criticize her, considering her age. She has an estimated net worth of K1.2 million kwacha as of 2019, making her second on richest female musicians.

1. Mampi

Zambian female musicians Mampi

Mirriam Mukape popularly known by the stage name Mampi, is a talented and current richest Zambian female musician. Performs kwaito and Reggae genre, which has caused much influence. She has been in the industry for over 12 years, releasing smash Pop and R&B hit songs each years. Mampi was born on 4 Th August 1986 and lost both parents at a very young age.

Even though currently this Artist seems relaxed. Mampi began her music journey when she just 10 years old. Started with singing and at the age of 18 broke on the scene with her first debut single. Digital X producer Ray-do, discovered her jut few months after loosing her father and brother, that Mampi was offered a record deal in the year of 2003.

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Most facts on Mampi, still remain unknown, but she’s one of the wealthiest musicians. According to a publication made, Mampi has a net worth of K1.5 million.Toured the world, held shows and concerts in South Africa, London and USA. This was during times when her hits dominated the industry.

Mampi is also former contestant for season seven of Big Brother Africa. Multiple award winner and MC. Participated in Big Brother Africa Star Game, which made her to be more famous. Hence Mampi is number among richest female musicians today. Not is she only the richest but on Zambian female musicians, and music maker Mampi has won more awards than any other female star.

The female fierce crooner, shoots expensive music videos and not so cheap to hire for stage performance. Read more on highest paid musicians. Check out this article, if you don’t know who’s Zambia’s richest musicianMusic in Zambia, today has become more than just art, but part of what defines society.


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